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D- Curl 0.15 CLASSIC LASHES Mixed Length Trays

D- Curl 0.15 CLASSIC LASHES Mixed  Length Trays
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Brand:  uk lash Institute



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D- Curl 0.15 CLASSIC LASHES -Individual Lash Mixed Trays Eyelash Extensions Premium Quality

 D Curl “Mixed Trays” 8mm-15mm Lengths

16 Strips per Tray –  (over 2,600 Lashes)

7(1)8(1), 9(2), 10(3), 11(3), 12(3), 13(2), 14(1)

For Professional Eyelash Technicians

Brand New PREMIUM QUALITY  Mixed Length Tray Lashes available in 0.15

Each Strip can be removed from the box and stuck to a work surface or back of your hand

Currently available in “D” Curl and in a range of mixed Lengths from 7mm – 14mm.

As a Lash technician these lashes will enable you to apply the Lashes quickly and efficiently while at the same time creating Volume for that all importent Glamorous Look.

We have researched the market extensively and tried many different types of loose lashes. Some of those were good, but many were of extremely poor quality. We believe we have now found mixed tray loose lashes of excellent quality at an affordable price and manufactured for eyelashmagic to the highest standards.

You seriously need to be trying our lashes. They are AMAZING!

 The quality, gloss and consistency are unrivalled and your clients will LOVE the finished look!



  • Premium Quality
  • D Curl
  • Thickness 0.15 
  • Mixed Tray Lengths 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14mm
  • 16 Strips per Tray- Over 2,600 lashes
  • excellent premium quality
  • Great value